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GCS House System

At Grace Christian we have a House System.  Each student in grades 1st-12th belong in one of the four Houses at GCS.  Throughout the year the Houses compete against each other in academics, athletics, student spirit events, conduct, and other areas.  The House that wins at the end of the year is given a pizza party, pajamas and movie day.  As well as winning the House Cup for the school year! 

flame for House of Animo.jpg

House of Animo

Houseof Courage

House color is Black

House symbol is a Flame

bible symbol house of truth.webp

House of Veritas

House of Truth

House color is Gold

House symbol Bible and Laurel wreath

scales-of-justice House of Spaientia.jpg

House of Sapientia

House of Wisdom

House Color Gray

House Symbol Scales

cross and thorns house of Fidem.jpg

House of Fidem

House of Faith

House Color: Royal Blue

House symbol: Cross and crown of thorns

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