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Musical expression is one of the most beautiful gifts in God’s creation. GCS takes full advantage of this beauty by offering an Elementary Music Program, High School Choral Program, and a Music Theater Program.


The GCS Elementary program is available for students from K3-6th grade and offers these students the opportunity to discover their ability to express themselves through vocal music, rhythm and movement, and beginner instrumentation. Our students are encouraged to grow in self-confidence through performance of and love for the musical arts.

The GCS High School Choral program is a

7th-12th grade program that focuses on the art of choral music and teaching students to work together to accomplish a task. Students are exposed to various forms of choral music and learn more advanced techniques in vocal production and performance. Students in

9th-12th may choose Choral Music as part of completing their Fine Art requirement for graduation.


Grace Christian also maintains a Music Theater Program that is unique in Winston County. This program gives those students who enjoy vocal music and stage productions a chance to combine their passions with performance opportunity. From cast and role possibilities to stage construction, blocking, and back-stage management; students are provided a path to experience the full gamut of Musical Theater production. This program performs one large-scale musical theater production each school year, with smaller productions spread throughout.

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